• $6.99


    Diced tomato, lettuce, onion & jalapeno mixed with a homemade fresh dressing.

  • $11.99

    Tofu Firfir

    Cubed tofu sautéed with onion, fresh garlic, ginger, homemade butter and rosemary.

  • $11.99

    Yetsom Firfir

    shredded injera cooked with onion, tomata, green pepper, homemade butter and berbere sauce.

  • $11.99

    Mushroom Tibs (Mushroom Grill)

    Grilled mushroom sautéed with onions, fresh garlic, ginger, oil and rosemary.

  • $10.99

    Shiro (Chick Pea Stew)

    Mild hot ground chickpea stew simmered in onion, garlic, oil & house spices. $9.99

  • $10.99

    Misir Wot (Lentil Stew)

    Split red lentil made with a berbere sauce (red pepper), onions, garlic, and ginger.

  • $10.99

    Ethiopian Cabbage

    Cabbage cooked with Potato, Carrot, Onion, Garlic & Oil

  • $12.99

    Veggie Combo (Beyayinetu) Vegan

    The famous Ethiopian vegetarian dish. A combination of miser wot (lentils stew), yellow split peas, shiro (ground chick pea stew) & Ethiopian Cabbage (cabbage, potato & carrot), green beans & carrot, & Gomen (Collard Greens). A perfect choice for vegans / vegetarians.