• $12.95/$11.95

    Make your own

    • Beef - $12.95
    • Lamb - $12.95
    • Chicken - $11.95
    • Tofu - $11.95

    Steps to build your own plate:

    Step 1. Choose a Base (one): Injera Bread, Brown Rice, Pita Pocket or Mixed Green

    Step 2. Choose a Protein (One): Grilled Beef , Grilled Lamb, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Tofu

    Step 3.  Add Topping/Sides

    •  Hot (up to 4): Spicy Lentils (Misir), Yellow Split Peas (Kik), Chick Pea (Shiro), Ethiopian Cabbage, Green Beans & Carrot, Collard Greens (Gomen) & Beetroots.
    • Cold (Up to 2): Tomato, Jalapeno, Ayib Cheese, Onions, Roasted Corn, Yoghurt, Cabbage Slaw, Peepers, Tomato Salad, Cucumbers, Sour Cream

    Step 4. Pick a Sauce: Hot Sauce, Mild Sauce, Yogurt Honey Sauce

  • $17.99

    Debab Combo/Mahberawi

    Beef Tibs (Grilled Beef), Kitfo (Ground beef), Key Wot (Hot Beef Stew), Lamb Alicha Wot (Curried Lamb Stew) Cabbage , Collard Green (Gomen), Yellow Split Peas, Ayib & Boiled Egg.

  • $12.99

    Veggie Combo/Traditional

    Spicy Lentil (Misir), Yellow Split Peas (Kik), Chick Pea (Shiro), Cabbage, Green Beans & Carrot, Collarad Green (Gomen), Beatroot, Tomato Salad, served on Injera Bread.

  • $12.95

    Mixed Green Plate

    • Full - $12.95

    Grilled Beef, Ayib Cheese, Cabbage Slaw, Roasted Corn & Jalapenos,Tomatoes, Onions & Cucumbers, Yellow Split Peas (Kik), Spicy Lentils, Beatroot, served on Mixed Greens.

  • $12.95

    Pita Plate

    • Full - $12.95

    Grilled Lamb, Spicy lentils, Ethiopian Cabbage, Green Beans & Carrot, Ayib Cheese, Onion & Pepper, Yoghurt Honey Sauce, Beetroot, served on Pita Pocket

  • $10.95

    Rice Plate

    • Full - $10.95

    Grilled Chicken, Onions & Peppers, Roasted Corn & Jalapenos, Green Beans & Carrot, Ethiopian Cabbage, Collard Greens, Mild Debab Sauce, served on Brown Rice.

  • $12.95

    Injera Plate

    • Full - $12.95

    Grilled Beef, Spicy Lentils, Yellow Split Peas (Kik), Collard Greens, Ethiopian Cabbage, Tomato Salad, Debab Hot Sauce, served on Injera bread.